Sunday, 2 August 2015

Retro in Gold!

Topshop have always stocked the most upcoming styles and the latest brands when talking about sunglasses.  The display section in the Oxford Street branch is huge and I ended up checking it out with a friend not so long ago.

Out of all the designer brands, one became quite prominent to me... And that was 'Quay', an Australian brand that specialise in unique and retro sunglasses.  Not only do they create amazing frames for the glasses but they also design a variation of tinted lenses that complement the sunglasses perfectly! 

After trying on at least six different pairs of their shades, I finally settled for the 'Fleur' sunglasses in gold! 

They are by far the most exciting pair I have ever owned, as I usually go for black or brown classic glasses, that are less of a statement and more of a practical buy!  But I am thrilled that I took the jump out of my comfort zone and purchased a pair that are stylish and creative! 

They are made from metal that is nickel free, with stainless steel hinges and polycarbonate lenses.  The glasses are 100% UV protected and the lenses are tinted with a slight orange/pink colour that is extremely flattering.  

What I loved the most about this style is the metal detailing on the frames near the lenses... It gives a real retro finish to the overall look, especially as the sides go out creating a cats eye style!  Also the colour of the metal is a light gold tone, which makes it look expensive and well put together.  The sunglasses are £25 but I think that they are a great investment buy and something that can take you anywhere.  I especially will be wearing these at festivals and for going out with a leather jacket, because they're bold, versatile and one of a kind! 

Which sunglasses have you been loving recently?  



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