Tuesday, 25 August 2015

What's in my bag?

I have always wanted to do a 'What's in my Bag post', but somehow never got round to it.... That is, however until today!  After endless days of carrying my tote with me everywhere, with far too many things in it, I thought that I would share with you all on the contents that become a huge part of me and my day to day life!   So peruse at your leisure! 

1.  Jigsaw 'Alex' sunglasses

These are my staple sunglasses, and I always take them with me, come rain or shine, because one must stay stylish at all times! 

2.  Mini hairbrush with mirror 

This is very handy in my bag as with having long hair, comes a great amount of tangles, especially in windy weather!  This cute mini hairbrush, folds down to nothing and comes with a mirror too, so you can always do last minute touch ups. 

3.  Tissues

These are obvious, but I also think they are great for when your makeup decides to explode in your makeup bag.... Without tissues I am utterly helpless! 

4.  Zara 'Pear and white flowers' 

This perfume has been a life saver for when I desperately need a little spritz here and there!  The pear and floral tones from the fragrance are really elegant and are the perfect blend for an everyday scent! 

5.  iPod mini 

My biggest passion after fashion is music, as I sing all day and relax to music all night!  This is my baby as it has been with me for nearly six years and I bring it with me everywhere!  You never know when you're going to be stuck in traffic, or have delays or just simply want to blast out some tunes!  An iPod this size is perfect for pockets and also for clipping onto leather jackets which is what I do constantly! 

6.  Cath Kidston travel card holder

For my work and leisure I have to buy a monthly travelcard to be able to travel to London.  With that said, it is very easy to lose a thin piece of paper that is incredibly important, so I tend to buy a travelcard holder that will keep it safe.  Recently my new holder has been from the new collection by Cath Kidston and I am totally in love with it.  I have a west highland terrier and the moment I gazed upon this multicoloured dog design, I had to snap it up! 

7.  Michael Kors wallet 

This wallet was given to me by my big sister for my 21st birthday and I take it everywhere!  It's a huge size, meaning that it fits my cards, money and endless supply of receipts that j seem to be accumulating on a daily basis! 

8.  My keys 

Every day I need to have my keys on me, whether I'm visiting friends, going to work or simply walking the dog... I always travel with my keys.  That's why this jigsaw keyring is ideal for making sure that I don't forget them and I just fell in love with the mint green shade!

So that concludes what's in my bag currently!  But tell me, what are your bag essentials? 

M x


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