Monday, 24 August 2015

Monday Manicure: Satin Pyjamas!

Happy Monday everyone!  After a very busy week, I decided to treat myself for a Monday manicure, which I must say was long overdue!   For the past couple of months now I have been sporting bright colourful shades on my nails.... I always find that long nails look amazing with bold shades! 

However, recently my nails have broken off, which really upset me so I was forced to file them down to a much shorter length.  At least now they can grow back much stronger! 

After perusing all of the beautiful shades at the Shellac counter of my local beauty salon, I was completely stuck as to what colour to choose.  With the help from the lovely Lindsey, she picked out for me a gorgeous nude shade which is ideal for shorter nails. 

The colour I went for was Shellac's new 'Satin Pyjamas', which I am so impressed by!  It's the perfect rose/nude colour that is very flattering for my nails and skin tone.  Plus with Shellac, the formula is super hard wearing and the finish has a great shine that lasts for up to three weeks. 

What colours have you been wearing this week?  Let me know in the comment section below.  

Until next month for my future manicure Monday post! 

M x

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