Thursday, 27 August 2015

Original Source: Watermelon and Jojoba!

Original Source have done it again!  Not only do they create the most unique and colourful shower gels, (my favourite being the coconut and Shea butter), but they have just released the most incredible beauty product for our skin!

I present to you the newest member to my bathroom beauty family!  It is none other than Original Source's 'Quick drying moisturising oil spray' from their 'Skin Quench' range! 

This product does exactly what it says on the bottle.... It is a quick drying moisturiser that leaves your skin feeling silky smooth in a matter of seconds... Without any fuss!  How good is that?  You simply get out of the shower, spray onto dry skin and then go... For someone like me who is constantly on the move, this is perfect! 

With 'Original Source's' impeccable talent for creating incredible scents and flavours for their shower products, I wasn't surprised that this would smell heavenly!  The combination of Watermelon and Jojoba Oil is not just bursting with fruity goodness, but also leaves your skin, nourished, quenched and revitalised! 

I shall definitely be using this product during busy weeks and for when time just isn't on my side, which feels like everyday!  Have a great evening and check out their new range when you're next in your local Boots store! 

M x

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