Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Jewellery that I can't live without!

I thought that I would do a post all about my top three items of jewellery that I have to wear, because they mean a lot to me and without them I never feel complete!  I tend to wear quite minimal jewellery for my day to day look, however when an event pops up, I am always one to accessorise!  For evenings, I love wearing short statement necklaces with long earrings, for a glamorous look.  However for my everyday style, there are just three pieces that I cannot live without and they all have sentimental value! 

1.  Thomas Sabo charm bracelet with six charms! 

This was given to me as an anniversary present and I absolutely fell in love with it!  It's silver which is ideal, as its my favourite colour to wear on my wrists and neck etc.  I had always lusted after the Thomas Sabo charms and so when I received this gorgeous bracelet I was over the moon!  These bracelets are not only beautiful but are extremely light to wear, as they don't weigh a thing!  Also, I am very fond of the fact that your bracelet can be personalised with regards to the charms that are chosen.  

Perry cleverly chose 5 charms that mean a lot to the both of us:- 

1.  Bow - When he first met me I had bows in my hair! 
2.  Musical note - I'm a singer and music is one of my hobbies!
3.  Eiffel Tower - when we went to Paris together! 
4.  Shell - when we went to Cyprus together! 
5.  My best friend heart - Because we're best friends!
6.  Key with heart - my parents very kindly bought me this for my 21st birthday! 

2.  Michael Kors rose gold watch!

This was given to me for Xmas and ever since has been utterly glued to my wrist!  I am a huge fan of Michael Kors (haven't you guessed already?) and when I found out that he did watches as well, I was extremely happy!  

I have very small wrists so I was reluctant to having a watch with a big clock face as it would just drown me and look rather hilarious.  Instead I opted for a much smaller and minimal clock face with Roman numerals in Rose gold!  I have never had a rose gold watch before, but ever since receiving this for Xmas I have really grown to love the colour and have noticed how versatile it is - it goes with any outfit I wear... Amazing!  

3.  Michael Kors stacked ring in Rose, gold and silver plated! 

This was the most recent out of the three and I absolutely love this ring!  

It's been featured in this months Glamour magazine and I know why!  It's a single ring that is designed to look like a stack of five, which is very clever.

I really like the overall look of this piece, because it has a lot of modern detailing on it, whilst still be very feminine.  There are three colours on the ring, as it is gold, white gold and rose gold plated, which is a gorgeous colouring.  Also, this ring colour coordinates perfectly with my Michael Kors ring... Result! 

Each one of these items were given to me by my wonderful fiancĂ© at different times of our relationship and I am ever so lucky to have someone so special in my life!  

What items of jewellery do you like wearing? 

M x

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  1. These pieces are all beautiful, I have two rings that I wear daily, one was my grandmas and one was a gift from my partner, so they both have a lot of meaning. I usually also wear a necklace aswell but I switch them around daily as they all have a meaning in different ways xx



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