Wednesday, 30 September 2015

September Favourites!

September is now over..... Hooray!!!!  I know some of you may disagree with me on this, but I honestly cannot wait for October to begin!  I think a lot of this, comes from the fact that my 6 year anniversary is coming up with Perry (6 years..... I can't believe it's been that long), my best friends birthday is at the end of the month, and to top it all off, Halloween people!!!!  Eeeeeek!!!  I can't wait to dress up (I don't even care if I'm not going to a party, I'm still going to go all out!)  I seem to be rambling, so I'm going to stop and instead tell you all about my September Favourites!

1. Zara trench coat! 

This has literally been my coat of the month!!!  I have been wearing this every single day, and it has been perfect for those sudden rain showers!  First Mac I have ever bought and I am utterly impressed... Well done Zara! 

2. Benefit Roller Lash Mascara! 

For years I have bought my mascara from Maybelline.  I literally have had every single collection that they have brought out (my favourite being 'Lash Sensational').  However, Benefit's 'Roller Lash' mascara has been a real dream for my eyes.  Not only does it curl my lashes, but it also lifts them too, making my eyes look bigger and more pronounced.  I definitely have been swayed and when my current one runs out, I will be straight at the Benefit counter buying more!

3. Reading glasses from Michael Kors!

I know I have mentioned these a few times, and if I'm really honest, even in my August favourites, but I just can't get enough of them so I had to carry them into this one too!  Not only do they look stunning and chic, but they have made my life so easy with reading and blogging, as now I don't get constant eye strain.... Yayyyyyy! 

4. 'Made' by Millie Macintosh lifestyle book! 

This book is fantastic and I would 100% advise you all to buy it and if not then read a little in your local book store!  This book is like your much needed life bible, with everything from gym workouts, recipes, beauty tips and style diaries... What more could you want?  I also really love the layout and the gorgeous pictures, which do the stunning Millie Macintosh justice... Nice one Millie! 

5. Tanya Burr 'Fairytale' eyeshadow quad palette!

Tanya Burr's makeup range has had a wonderful makeover... She has brought out new colours in her legendary lipglosses, but has also created these beautiful eye shadow palettes.  I chose this one, because I love nudes and metallics and this palette includes all of the above, whilst being incredibly useful!  All of the colours look beautiful together and it is great for a quick makeup and can fit into your mag up bag as it's a travel friendly size!  Next month I will definitely by her other palettes!  Keep it up Tanya! 

6. H&M lipsticks! 

H&M has brought out a makeup collection called 'The New Naturals', and it consists of shadows, foundations, concealers, you name it!  I ended up buying two of their 'Cream Lip Colours' (lipsticks), in 'Kombuca' and 'Siena Piazza'.  Kombuca is the perfect raspberry pink colour and Siena Piazza is a strong coral tone.  Both of these lipsticks extremely cream based and high in colour, so you only need one application for the colour to go on, although two coats is what I use to make it last even longer!  These are perfect for autumn, but will also be brilliant for next summer too... I just know that I will get such wear out of them! 

So that's it from my September favourites.  It's funny how they are all mostly beauty related... That makes a nice change!  I cannot wait for this new month to begin... October here I come!

M x

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