Tuesday, 1 September 2015

August Favourites!

Happy 1st of September everyone!!! I can't believe that August has been and gone.... Life please slow down!!  Anyway, here are my six August favourites that i have been loving this month! 

1.  Jigsaw biker Wellies 

These are becoming a very good purchase as I have literally worn them for 3 days in a row and still absolutely adore them!  The overall appearance of them is bang on trend as they are designed to look like biker boots, but are actually Wellington boots!  They are super stylish and ideal for this heavy rain that we are experiencing this week! 

2.  Benefit porefessional primer 

I have always had miniature samples of this primer, whenever I buy the latest benefit makeup products, and so earlier in the month I bought a full size, because a product as good as this needs to be in bigger form!  I use this daily before I apply my foundation, because if you have visible pores like me (sad face), this acts as a shield that prevents them from becoming so apparent.  I tend to apply this onto my t zone and tops of my cheeks, as that is where my biggest pores are.  It also makes your skin silky smooth, and flawless!

3.  Adult colouring books

Who'd have thought it?  Colouring books?  For adults?  Whoever created this idea is a genius in my eyes, because since colouring, I have become so stress free and relaxed!  I bought these two books 'Secret Garden' by Johanna Basford and 'Animal kingdom' by Millie Marotta and haven't put them down once!  For any of you who desperately need a release from the stress of work, I thoroughly recommend you buy one of these books.  Not only do they look beautiful once completed, but they also get your creative mind going! 

4.  Maybelline shadow palette 

This was a spontaneous buy, as it was on special down to £5.99 at Boots and I just couldn't resist!  I have never bought eyes shadow from Maybelline before and so was a little apprehensive at first, but once I tried it, it was incredible!  The shadow is super creamy and the colours are exquisite with tones ranging from bronze, cream, charcoal and brown!  There literally is a nude colour for everybody! 

5.  My new Michael Kors reading glasses

That's right, I now have reading glasses... No more squinting as I read or blurry vision when I blog... Hooray! I picked up these gorgeous Michael Kors frames and instantly fell in love!  I'm a real fan of tortoiseshell at the moment, and I can't wait to get back to my very long reading list!

6.  Maybelline lipstick in velvet nude 

This was a very new colour for me, as I usually buy pink/nudes, however the colour is so beautiful on!  It's a caramel/nude that looks so natural and feminine.  The lipstick is super moisturising and the colour lasts for such a long time!  I'm definitely going to look at more colours of the Maybelline range of lipsticks! 

So that concludes my favourites for this month.  Although August finished quite abruptly, I am already looking forward to what September will bring! 

M x


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