Monday, 27 July 2015

Our wurst is ze best!

On Friday, my fiancé and I decided to have a day out in London... Little did we know that it was going to be pouring it down all day and that therefore we would be forced to duck into the nearest store for cover away from the rain!  All I can say is that it was a blessing in disguise! 

You see, after exiting Embankment tube station, we ran up Villiers street and decided to take shelter in one of the two Herman ze German shops in London.  We had both heard of this company before and so were thrilled that we finally had an opportunity to try the infamous German sausage! 

Herman ze German started back in 2008 and having catered for countless festivals in their trailer, they now have two stores in London (one in Charing Cross and the other in Soho).  The stores convey such a passion for German cuisine with their finest quality sausages and great tasting sauces that accompany them!

After realising that we were both being indecisive as to what to choose to eat, we decided to ask the waiter to choose for us.... (It took the pressure off and they knew way more about the food than we did!)  

When our food arrived at our table it looked so delicious... (I couldn't wait to get stuck in!)  We received two Bratwurst's which were pork and veal hotdogs and asked for melted cheddar cheese and crispy onions as our toppings!  I had never tasted veal before, but it works really well with the pork, and it makes the sausage softer in taste.  I'm usually a fan of sweated onions when eating burgers and hotdogs, but I really liked the crispy fried onion, as it added a nice crunch and texture to the food!

At the end of the meal, both of us were wishing that we had brought hand wipes with us, as eating hotdogs is a messy task.  But, to our surprise Herman ze German had yet again thought ahead, and there was a sink with hand wash fitted to the wall... Genius! 

I really think that Herman ze German is a fantastic place for lunch or a quick snack because the food is wonderful and the shop vibe is super casual, which to me is what I want when I'm in the mood for comfort food!  

Which restaurants have you been to lately? 

M x 


  1. It looks like you had a fun date with your fiancé :) The food looks delicious. I've never been to London, but hope to visit some day!

    xoxo Emily

  2. The weather may not have been that great but at least we had good food! Oh you must come down to London... There is literally so much to do!




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