Thursday, 30 July 2015

Time for a pamper!

These past two weeks have been pretty full on for me... Work has been incredibly stressful and I have been travelling to different locations which hasn't really helped my poor little feet!  I have felt rather anxious and stressed at times, and with not being able to sleep very well, I needed to find some release and just relax!  So I checked into my nearest LUSH store and decided to treat myself to some TLC in the form of anything bath related, and in my case their legendary bath bombs!  That's right I went and splurged on a bath bomb or two!  Well when in LUSH, I never leave empty handed... Never!  You kind of get hypnotised by their ingenious creations of colour and smells!  

The first one I purchased was the 'Butter Ball', which is small in shape and slightly tame in appearance.  This one sadly does not turn your bath a different colour but it does however do wonders for your skin!  Firstly it is made up of coco butter and ylang ylang... two ingredients that are used for treating stress and depression as well as relaxing the nervous system.  Once the coco butter pieces have melted, the small blue flecks of ylang ylang, (which is used in aromatherapy), gently coat and nourish the skin.  This is a great product for people with dry, sensitive or irritated skin, because it is very soothing and leaves your body feeling silky smooth! 

Now moving on to my next find, (which I promise is more colourful and full of personality)... It is none other than the 'Sex Bomb!'  I was mesmerised by the design, especially how the pink and purple shades blended together with a sort of dip dyed effect.  Just when I thought that all the detail was seen... I spotted a tiny pink rose cut out of the inside, which is not only adorable but very feminine.... Plus roses are my favourite flowers so it was obvious that this was going to be my new favourite!  Made up of Jasmine, ylang ylang and clary sage, this bath bomb will leave you feeling much happier in no time!  Jasmine not only has a fantastic aroma but is also used in aromatherapy to relieve stress and anxiety, whilst Clary sage clears the mind.  Basically, all of the ingredients which I need to get back into my usual self again!

Once dropped into my bath... It only took a matter of seconds for it to take effect.  My bath was turning into an array of colour right before my very eyes... I was utterly transfixed!  The end result was so girly... Because I finally had a pink bath all to myself!  It's safe to say, that it was very much needed! 

Finally, what really impressed me, was the underlying fact that LUSH produce products that are 100% natural and therefore refuse to test on animals.  Also, LUSH are very determined with their views that they have cleverly created a 'Charity Pot'.  This charity pot consists of an all round body lotion that does wonders for your skin, as well doing a lot of other things...  Each pot costs £1 (which seems like nothing, but if everyone buys one, it will make such a difference!)  For every pot they sell, LUSH donate 100% of the price to support organisations that align with their ethics in areas of animal welfare, human rights and conserving the environment.  So when you're next in your local LUSH store and the cashier asks you to contribute to the 'Charity Pot' - do it!  

What are you favourite LUSH products at the moment?  Let me know in the comment section below! 

M x

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