Sunday, 26 July 2015

Pretty in Pink!

Pink!  How does one define the colour pink?  Well...

"Pink is a pale red colour that takes its name from the flowers called 'Pinks', which are members of the genus 'Dianthus' e.g. Rose pink, petal pink, cherry blossom pink etc.  It was first used in the 17th century as a colour name.  It is associated with emotions such as love, beauty, romance and femininity and nowadays some see it as portraying  extravagance and a wish to be noticed."

This season the colour pink has been a prominent fixture throughout the top designer collections.  With Dior, Miu Miu, Prada and Christopher Kane being some of the big names that have contributed to this sudden Pink movement, I thought that it was about time to incorporate this gorgeous shade back into my wardrobe after what feels like a very long time!

Having scrolled through the high street to find the perfect pink purchase, I was sadly having no luck... that was until I found myself in Dune and all my worries were wiped away!  Right in front of me lay a pair of exquisitely made stilettos... That had my name on them!  

Where to start?  First of all, the gold detailing on the shoe is what first attracted me.  I liked how it had a slight rose gold tinge to the metal, softening the overall look.  Also, the gold outlining was very subtle, as each metal piece whether it was inside the shoe or outside of it was very thin and elegant... especially the exposed seam at the back of the heel, I loved that element to the design! 

The second thing that caught my eye was the colour.  It is the perfect combination of Pink and Salmon pink... making it more of an updated nude shade suitable for anyone's wardrobe.  The fact that it has a little more depth of colour, will result in it being the perfect versatile colour for styling outfits!  And also will give any tired look more personality as the colour is not what you would call your everyday pink! 

Lastly, in my opinion Dune make some of the best court shoes, due to the fact that they usually have the softest leather inside.  Whenever I'm buying shoes... I always have to feel the texture of the sole, because there is nothing worse than buying a pair of shoes that have no heel support whatsoever and end up being frankly uncomfortable!  (Fashion isn't pain people... I have learnt that the hard way!)  But these shoes have the softest leather and a very cushioned sole, which is ideal for a heel this high. 

Without any hesitation I purchased them and could picture all the outfits in my wardrobe to team them up with.  As I left the store, I walked past the matching clutch bag that goes with the shoes... How cute is that?  I smiled and thought, "maybe next time!" 

What is your favourite pink item to wear at the moment?  Let me know and message me in the comment  section below! 

M x


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