Saturday, 2 January 2016

What I got for Christmas!

Christmas is officially over *sad face* and although I would still love to be able to wear my pjs all day, gorge on Christmas dinner and appreciate an endless supply of chocolate, it is time to move on.  I did however have an amazing Christmas and got utterly spoilt.  I couldn't take pictures of all of my gifts, but I have included a few, to give you an insight into what I received.  You never know, it may give you inspiration on what to buy for next Christmas!

Firstly, I received a copper t-shirt that read the most amazing quote ever and one that I live by: "I just want to shop, sleep, eat and be happy".  It is a dark charcoal colour with rose gold metallic colour splashed across it.  Also, to go along with the rose gold colour scheme, I was given a large PJ bag which is ideal for when I go travelling and stay over etc.  Also along with the bag, I got a couple of new sets of underwear, which always comes in handy!

Because I have such a passion for copper and all things rose gold, my parents got me some rose gold jewellery too.  I received a small bracelet with arrows on each side, a short necklace with small rose gold beads and a bigger necklace with large beads making it more of a statement piece.

They also bought me a new hair dryer from Remington which uses a silk ceramic grille and produces 90% more ions that creates a frizz free shine.  I was so happy to receive it, because I had been constantly borrowing my sisters hair dryer and therefore didn't have my very own one.  Along with that I was given a new set of pyjamas, which had the cutest bunnies on them!

Because Perry and I are due to move out sometime next year, they bought me copper coloured hangers for our new wardrobe.  I absolutely love them and I can't wait to start using them!  Copper is such a gorgeous colour because somehow it always manages to make things look smart and chic!  I finally was given an ultra feminine pale pink shirt from Warehouse.  It is a long sleeved blouse with lace detailing on the arms and back of the shirt.  It gives off a type of Victorian vibe and I am definitely going to team this up with my pencil skirts and skinny jeans.


From my sister I received so many exquisite gifts, all of which are perfect for me, especially with regards to my blog and blogging in general.  The first gift she gave me was this stunning notebook from Lulu Guinness (a designer who I have always admired) and it is ideal for jotting down thoughts and inspiration for my blogs.  Inside it has the traditional monochrome pattern and on each page it is adorned with the iconic lips image, which is so clever!  I have always dreamt of getting accessories from Lulu Guinness and so I was over the moon when I opened this.  Also, the packaging was stunning and the bag came with a Christmas bauble in the shape of red lips for hanging on the tree.... Genius!

I also received a print with the word "blogger" spelt out in vintage playing cards.  I really like how quirky this is and I can't wait to hang it up on my wall.  For the time being I have simply propped it up on my shelf.

Lastly I received a Fujifilm instant mini camera that prints out Polaroid snaps straight away as well as a mug by Roger Hargreaves (who is responsible for the "Mr Men" and "Little Miss" collection of books and memorabilia).  The mug read "Little Miss Blogger" and it had a little girl talking on the phone whilst blogging on her laptop.  It is the perfect mug for me as I am always on the go just like the character!

Finally, Christmas wouldn't be complete without some good old books to read in the new year.  I received four books ranging from:
'Sharp objects' by Gillian Flynn, 'All I know now' by Carrier Fletcher, 'Girl online on tour' by Zoe Sugg and 'Spectacles' by Sue Parker.

I had such an amazing Christmas this year with all of my family, I just wish that it had lasted longer... It always seems to fly by!

But tell me, what did you get for Christmas this year?

M x

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