Thursday, 7 January 2016

Kiehls with Suzie and Alix!

Suzie Bonaldi from HelloOctober and Alix Coburn from IcovetThee are by far my two favourite bloggers and YouTubers of all time.  So you can imagine my excitement and sheer glee when I found out that they were going to be hosting an event in the Kiehls store on Regent Street.

I decided to bring my big sister with me, because she's my best friend and I wanted us to have a great night out together.  When we arrived a lady asked for my name and once I was checked off the guest list we were taken downstairs to the event.

A photographer took Polaroid snaps of each of us and there was also a photo booth which turned out to be a lot of fun!  We were greeted with an endless supply of cocktails and canapés, which were utterly delicious.

When all the guests had arrived, we were shown to our seats where we were given a Q&A session with Suzie and Alix.  Many people asked questions about products, formulas and ingredients for skincare.  After several pokes from my sister pleading me to stand up and ask a question, I plucked up the courage.  I asked...

 "I love wearing makeup, as I'm sure you all do too, but I find taking off makeup such a chore.  So tell me, what products do you use to remove makeup and what is your daily skincare regime that you use?"  

It was so useful to hear their responses and it really opened my eyes to proper skincare regimes.

Once the talk had finished, we were allowed to shop all of the Kiehls products whilst the shop was closed.  It was so nice to be able to peruse at my leisure.  I also used this time to speak to some of the staff about the top products to use and how to apply them.

From this, I gained a new regime (which I am starting to introduce into my daily routine) and turned out to be very worth while!

It then came to the moment of truth when I would finally get the opportunity to meet my two idols.  Once I saw them up close, it was as though I'd known them for many years.  In a way that is kind of true as I have watched and admired their videos for such a long time that I kind of feel like I know them already!  They were both so friendly and it was a real pleasure to meet them.

Once the event finished we were each given a goody bag with free samples from Kiehls.

The bag included:
'Creme des corps' (All over body moisturiser)
'Ultimate strength hand salve'  (Hand moisturiser)
'Ultra Facial Moisturiser' (Face moisturiser for all skin types)

I was incredibly impressed by the products because they were all generous in size and perfect for travelling.

Overall, I had such an amazing night  and I was so glad I had my big sister with me, because it's always such fun hanging out with her!  I hope to go to more events like this in the future... I got to meet so many lovely bloggers and the whole night was really inspiring!

M x

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