Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Becca Champagne Pop!

I have always been such a huge fan when it comes to Jaclyn Hill and her array of beautiful makeup products.  And one in particular that never seems to leave my thoughts is the infamous Becca Champagne pop highlighter.  This limited edition item has only ever been available in America through makeup superstore 'Sephora'.  Lily Pebbles (one of my favourite bloggers) recently held a Twitter competition in collaboration with Space NK and offered to giveaway three of these highlighters.  I was somehow lucky enough to win and therefore become the new owner of this iconic highlighter.... (So thank you so much Lily, you're the best!)  

Firstly, I must mention how sweet the packaging of the box is. It's a copper coloured box that almost glistens like a mirror.  It gives a real indication of how the product is going to be!

Once I opened the box, I discovered a circular compact which is the most ideal size for any makeup bag.  It is black and silver with the word 'Becca' emblazoned on the front.  It is such a simplistic design but one that has definitely attracted attention!

I couldn't wait to open the compact and get a glimpse of what the highlighter would look like in person.  I must say though, it didn't disappoint!  The gorgeous bronze powder is so beautiful it almost looks too good to use... Almost!  The texture of the powder is so soft and creamy, it just glides onto the skin!

The best way to apply this product onto your skin is to trace the letter 'C' around your eye in one continuous sweep.  Start at the middle of your forehead and sweep all the way around the temple and on top of the cheekbone.

This super creamy luminizing powder once applied to the skin, creates a soft shimmering glow.  It consists of light reflecting pearls that beautifully catch the light and show off your best features.  I am definitely going to be applying this to my cheekbones, the bridge of my nose and my brow area.

I absolutely love this highlighter and I'm so impressed by its texture and overall finish.  The quality of this product is incredible and now I can see why it sold so well!  Space NK have just started selling it at £32, which I know may sound pricey, but trust me... It is definitely worth every penny!  This item will last for a long time and will be the perfect investment for your makeup collection!

M x

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