Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Winter Lush Haul!

I have been meaning to write this post for a while now, as I seemed to have accumulated several LUSH goodies over the Christmas period and I wanted to show you all and let you know my opinions on them.

The first thing I received was the 'Bar Humbug' bubble bar.  It is a beautiful deep purple shade with the most intricate swirl pattern running through it as well as glitter dusted on the outside.  The best way to use this product is to crumble it under running water and it usually creates two baths.  I must add that this is just for the Christmas holidays, so it hopefully will pop up again next year!  The main ingredient in this bubble bar is Bergamot oil and illipe butter, which both smooth and soften your skin and the light liquorice scent creates a super relaxing bath for anyone's who's had a bad day!

The 'Father Christmas' bath bomb was the most apt when it came to festive bath products.  It is made from sodium bicarbonate and it smells like delicious candy floss!  It literally is shaped into a Father Christmas and I was so intrigued as to what colours it was going to create in the bath.  To my complete surprise it transformed my bath from a pink into a vibrant emerald green.  It looked so festive and my bath really glistened!

I was given the 'Holly Golightly' bubble bar and I was so impressed by the look of this product.  I love how simple it is and yet so iconic at the same time.  It consists of a glittered green bar with a holly leaf and berries on top.  It's made from clove leaf oil, patchouli and cinnamon, which create the most perfect festive scent and instantly warm you up.  Simply crumble under a running tap and watch as spicy bubbles unfold into your bath!

Perry bought me the 'Shoot For The Stars' bath bomb and I was so happy to receive it.  It's my all time favourite bath bomb and I was so glad that I could finally have it back in my collection.  It's made from Brazilian orange and bergamot oil and together they create such tranquillity.  I love how this bath bomb creates an array of shimmering dark blue colours that almost reflect that of a midnight sky!

Together all four of these LUSH products have been so useful over the last couple of weeks, especially with all of the cold weather that we have been having, as well as when I'm in desperate need of a de-stress from work!

M x

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