Tuesday, 15 December 2015

My new Luxury Winter Coat!

Jigsaw, one of my favourite brands has always been in my eyes one of the best stores for buying coats.  They always seem to get it right every season and their coats last for more than ten years!  They really are such great quality!

The other day I made a naughty splurge on a coat from Jigsaw,  (even though I am supposed to be buying Christmas presents and yes I have left it that late)!

I went for the 'Soft Cocoon Coat' and to be honest I had been eyeing it up for three months!  It is a little high in price as it is £298, but it is definitely an investment piece, because I will wear it all throughout winter and then for many years to come!

The composition of the coat is made from wool and mohair, meaning that it is incredibly warm... Perfect for the wintery nights!  Also, because of the wool and mohair, the coat has a really nice weight to it and you just know that it is such great quality!

The cocoon shape, helps to make the coat very modern and contemporary as instead of being tight and restricted, it is loose and flowing!  I love the wide lapels on the front... V neck coats are always so versatile as you can simply wear anything underneath them!  This style of coat makes any outfit look so effortless, and that is why I wanted it!  You can simply drape this piece over your casual or evening wardrobe for the perfect finishing touch!

I'm so thrilled with my new coat and already I have worn it twice.  Many people have even stopped me in the street, because it is so unique and striking.  It's not your usual coat that you see everywhere.  It's different, it's quirky and is definitely one of a kind!

M x

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