Tuesday, 15 December 2015

A New Balance all the way!

For such a long time now, I have been on the lookout for the perfect trainers for comfort and style.  Although I adore my endless supply of vans and converse shoes... They don't offer me enough support, for when my feet have given up after a long ten hour shift!

I have seen so many people walking around in 'New Balance' trainers... Either wearing brightly coloured ones or ones of a more muted tone!  They look so stylish and comfortable that I really wanted to try them on for myself to see if they would make the cut!

I went into JD Sports and tried on what I thought was an adults size 4.  It turns out that I had accidentally tried on a junior size 4.5, which just so happened to fit me like a glove!  I couldn't believe that I was able to get away with wearing a children's size!  The best part of it was that instead of them being £60 they were £31!  I literally jumped at the chance to have them!  (Who wouldn't want trainers at half price)?

Since buying them, I have worn them religiously for travelling to and from work... They have literally cured my aching feet!  I wear a lot of high heels for my job and so to have the comfort of a decent pair of trainers is such bliss!  The fact that they are black, white and grey also makes them very smart as they simply smarten up any outfit!

Go and check out their range in your nearest store!

M x

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