Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Enchanted Earrings!

I think it's safe to say that I have a serious addiction to earrings and most importantly buying them!  Ever since I got my ears pierced three years ago.... I haven't been able to walk past a pair of earrings without purchasing them!  I definitely have a problem and a stylish one at that!

H&M has fast become my favourite 'go to' for jewellery and over the seasons I have spotted some amazing finds!  This month, there has been lots of sparkle, crystals and pearls... All which are ideal for Christmas parties and festive gatherings!  I very naughtily purchased five pairs of earrings, which I know will keep me going right through to the new year!

1. Pearl and black - These really are the most 'Chanel' inspired earrings.  They are incredibly cute and I love how simplistic the design is.  When they are worn, the pearl sits behind the ear and dangles down... It gives great dimension and makes the earrings a little more sophisticated!

2. Crystal claws -  I originally bought these with Halloween being my main priority, especially with the fact that they are shaped into a claw.  However, I have worn them daily ever since and I love overall design.  The crystals give the earrings a feel of elegance rather than fright and I love how light they are when worn!

3. Pearl -  Again I purchased another pair of earrings which had a curtain design to them.  (At the back of the earring the small pearls hang lower than the main stud so it adds texture to the look).  I love these studs, because they are ideal for both day and nighttime due to how versatile pearls are.  I can't wait to start wearing these!

4. Marble and gold - These are by far my favourite of the lot!  I think that it is the combination of marble stone with the gold fringing that just makes them so appealing!  They are incredibly versatile in colour and the triangular shape makes the earrings really stand out!  It's always so nice to have earrings with a bit of texture!

5. Black and nude drops -  I purchased these because they came in a pack of two... What could be better?  I love the simplicity of these earrings and the design screams evening wear to me!  I will definitely be teaming these with my sequinned dresses and formal wear for nights out and other various gatherings!  I am always a sucker for sequins and sparkle and these earrings really sparkle!

I'm so glad that I chose all of these earrings, because they each bring some form of character to any outfit and they are so versatile!

M x

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