Monday, 8 February 2016

Manicure Post :: Plum Paisley!

It's time for a 'Monday Manicure!'  (For the first time ever I have managed to successfully write and upload this kind of blog on a Monday so that it actually makes sense)... *proud face!*  I must say, it has felt like such a long time since I last had a professional Shellac manicure... I mean we're talking at least since early December!  So I couldn't wait to get back into my monthly routine.  

At my local beauty salon, 'Beauty Box' in Oxted, the girls there are all so friendly and fantastic at what they do.  They go above and beyond for their clients and that is one of the many reasons as to why I never want to go anywhere else!  I always find them ordering colours in for me to try out (I swear I must be their only client who literally has worn every colour that they sell!). They ordered in a new plum colour for me, called 'Plum Paisley' and straight away I wanted it, without any hesitation! 

The moment it was applied onto my nails, I could see the gorgeous velvety liquid cover my pale white nails and transform them into things of great beauty!  This plum shade is very on trend and I like that it doesn't have any glitter running through it either.  (I love glitter, don't get me wrong, but it's not Christmas anymore and so with that said I have now moved onto the matte/solid colours instead)!  

I absolutely LOVE this colour on me as not only does it look chic, but it changes colour depending on what light you're under...  Genius!  In dimmed light it is a dark purple/black colour and in the sun it is a true plum shade.  It goes with all of my wardrobe and I especially like it, teamed up with my khaki coat and black jeans!  Simple, yet such a statement! 

What colour have you been wearing on your nails recently? 

M x

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