Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Manicure Post :: Haute Hippy!

It's that time again..... yep you guessed it...... it's MANICURE TIME!!!  I always get so excited when I have a nail appointment or booking.  I'm literally like a kid in a candy store... I just want to try all of the colours of nail varnish on display and never ever leave!  That is why, whenever it comes down to the big decision as to what shade I should choose.... I always give that responsibility to the amazing Lindsey who continually manages to make my nails look flawless!  (If you want to know where my salon is that I go to, it is called 'Beauty Box' and it is in Oxted, Surrey.  The girls are all so friendly in there and if you need directions, I recommend that you search on Google)!

Lindsey finally came to the conclusion that I should go for one of the 'Jessica' gel nail varnishes from their new range 'GELeration', compared to my usual choice of 'Shellac'.  I never knew that 'Jessica' made gel based nail polishes, so I was intrigued as to what the outcome would be.  I was told that the 'Jessica' gel nail varnishes were not only lighter on the nails than when you have a 'Shellac' manicure done, but that they also protect your nails as they grow... I couldn't wait to see this for myself!      

The colour that I went for was called 'Haute Hippy' and I thought the name was so sweet and carefree.  The shade is a beautiful rust/brown colour and it is so earthy and natural... ideal for teaming up with stone jumpers, khaki jackets and black jeans, (my transitional attire that I am sporting until the weather decides to cheer up and become more Spring like)!  It is such a warm shade that I feel compliments my skin tone really well.  This polish, once applied, may seem like a normal bottle, however it contains the strength of a gel, making it more durable.  The 'GELeration' collection last for up to 21 days without peeling, chipping or fading in colour... how great is that?  

I am so happy with my new nails and I just can't get enough of the colour!  It's a stunning shade for the transitional period that we are currently in and I will get so much wear from this polish!  And yes my nails feel less heavy, now that I have the 'Jessica' polish on instead of the 'Shellac'.  I will always have my 'Shellac' manicures, but now that I know about this brand... I might mix it up every now and again, as it is better for my nails and for my state of mind!

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