Thursday, 3 March 2016

Lush :: Honeybee!

This week I have had such a busy work schedule and my feet have felt like they are about to fall off!  I desperately needed a nice relaxing 'top to toe' evening bath to ensure that I was ready for what the next few days would hold.

I received a few bath bombs for my birthday and although I used most of them up within the first week, there was one in particular that I wanted to save till last, because it was very new to me as I had never seen it in the shops.  But most of all, it reminded me of Spring time and so I wanted to save it for March!

It was of course the 'Honeybee' bath bomb from LUSH and I just loved the appearance of it, when I took it out of the bag.  It consisted of a vibrant yellow colour and then had a light grey pattern with flecks of blue running through it.  It was a simplistic design, but that was what I loved the most about it, because it looked striking in a natural way!

The main ingredients in this bath bomb are:-
*Honey - Very moisturising for the skin and acts as an antiseptic as well. 
*Rhassoul Mud - Clay that is mined near Morocco's Atlas Mountains.  It helps to not only cleanse the skin but also softens it too.  
*Aloe Vera gel - Is best for soothing your skin.
*Wild orange oil - Helps to refreshen you and keep you uplifted. 

When I popped it into my bath, I watched with amazement as I saw my dull looking bath, turn into a stunning array of lemon yellow.  It was as if the water had turned into honey itself!  It was so refreshing to look at and I couldn't wait to get in!

Overall, I am thoroughly impressed with this bath bomb.  It had a sweet but slightly musky smell to it that was so refreshing.  (It made a nice change to the incredibly sweet smelling ones that I usually tend to go for)!  It left my skin silky smooth and nourished and I will definitely be replenishing this for my Bathroom LUSH collection very soon!

M x

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