Sunday, 6 December 2015

Rose Jam!

What is a Bubbleroon?  Well, let me tell you.  It is simply a bubble bar, but because of its similarity in shape to that of a macaroon, it has therefore been given the title of bubbleroon!

Now that we've cleared that up, let's talk about this pretty in pink 'Rose Jam' product!

Firstly, the design is absolutely stunning!  It has recently had a revamp in both shape and colour and I think that Lush have done so so well!  I love the candy pink colour and the fact that it is shaped into a rose.  Also, because it resembles a macaroon, there is a great of weight to the bubble bar... You just know that it's going to last a long time!  And as always with Lush bath products... It wouldn't be right without some added glitter on top... It makes the bubble bar really glisten and look so magical!

The main ingredients of this product are: Rose and geranium oil, coconut oil and lastly Shea butter... All components that will help to nourish and moisturise your skin whilst you are soaking away in total bliss!

Now I know that everyone has their own way of using bubble bars, such as crumbling it under a running tap or simply placing some inside a sieve and putting it under a running tap.  However, if you are like me and choose to use the entire bubble bar in one go (I'm greedy I know!) then that's fine also!

Pink baths just look so elegant and feminine!!!  I sometimes wish that water could come out pink when you are wanting a bath... That would be rather amazing!  But I think bubble bars and bombs with just have to do!

I hope you are all having a relaxing Sunday... After having had this bath I now can tell you all that I too will be!

M x


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