Saturday, 28 November 2015

Time to get my sweat on!

In the past month or so, I have really been trying to up my fitness levels by attending the gym three times a week (usually Monday, Wednesday and Friday).  With this sudden burst of fitness comes a great deal of much needed motivation... For me that is my number one priority when it comes to exercising, because I'm normally not very motivated!  So what better way to give you the focus and drive, than a new gym kit?

Yes that's right I said it, a new gym kit!  Usually I wear my puma leggings with a plain black baggy tee, but lately I have wanted to wear something a little more vibrant and more importantly on trend!

I popped into my local newly refurbished H&M store and pondered the fitness rails.  H&M have created a line for gym clothes and if I'm honest... It has some seriously stylish gear!

After perusing the isle of leggings, tops, jumpers, jackets, shorts etc I finally came across two items which were unique and extremely useful... I needed a revamp and I knew that these pieces were going to give me just that!

I picked up this grey and black workout shirt as I was interested in the fact that it said the material was quick dry.  In other words the more you perspire (sweat), the quicker the material dries, leaving you feeling comfortable throughout your workout!

Then I was in desperate need of a splash of colour for my bottom half and these leopard print multi coloured leggings fitted the bill!  They are super stretchy and a good length too!  They are supposed to be three quarter length, but because of my short stature, they end up being full length.  I just end up rolling them up anyway!  I love the print of these... I never knew how great pink and orange go together... It's a great colour combination!

Overall, I'm so thrilled with my new workout outfit!  I've used it a couple of times now and it has given me so much confidence and determination to continue with my fitness training!  It's always a real treat when you get a new outfit!  Check out their range in your nearest H&M store!

M x

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