Thursday, 19 November 2015

Happy Birthday my friend!

The 31st October is usually Halloween to most people, but it also happens to be my best friends birthday too!  This year, she invited a load of us down to London for some dinner, drinks and great company!

She booked a table at an Italian restaurant in Wapping called 'Il Bordello'.  It was a very secretive place because it looked tiny from the outside, but once we were all inside it was much bigger and had such a great atmosphere!

We all thought that, because there were fifteen of us, it would be wise to order lots of starters that we could all share with each other.  We had garlic bread, bruschetta, and avocado and prawns wrapped in salmon.  Each starter was so delicious and it really made us excited for our main meals.

For the main courses, we each had something different.  I opted for the three cheese gnocchi with extra cheese on top, (because I absolutely love cheese if you hadn't have guessed already)!

My best friend went for a gorgeous pasta dish with a rich tomato sauce, vegetables and lumps of melted cheese.

Perry went for the Calzone (a pizza folded in half) which was filled with salami and pepperoni and served with a tomato sauce on the side.  What I loved the most about this restaurant was the fact that they gave out such big portions of food to each person.  (Sometimes it's great to have a full plate rather than a small decoration of food)!

Finally, it was time to bring out the cake and sing happy birthday!  The cake was so beautiful and we each had a slice of its chocolaty goodness!

Overall the night was so magical and it was safe to say that we all had full bellies!  I definitely will be returning with Perry in the next few months because it is one of the best authentic Italian restaurants by far!

M x


  1. omg that cakes just looks outstanding I am a chocolate addict nearly too good to eat

    1. Haha I know the feeling!! It was an incredible cake and an amazing night! I always love chocolate cake! Xx


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