Saturday, 7 November 2015

Manicure Post: "Sage Scarf"

On Wednesday, I went to my favourite salon "Beauty Box" to have my nails done!  I try to get them professionally painted every two weeks if I can, so that I maintain the shape, health and growth of my nails.

From reading up on all of my favourite fashion magazines (Elle, Glamour, Vogue and Grazia), I have found out that the colour green is this months 'it' shade.   Pinterest is full of inspiration behind khaki, olive, peppermint, bottle green... Literally any nails in the shade of green!  I loved the colours and knew that I wanted to try out green for my new manicure.

I opted for Shellac's new colour 'Sage Scarf' and it is really rather special!  It has such warmth to it and therefore gives your hands such colour.  I was afraid that it was going to wash me out but if anything it does the complete opposite and makes me look like i have slight tan.... And I desperately need that!

This colour is so amazing, because it goes with all of my tan, camel, burgundy, khaki and gold coloured clothes and accessories that I live in at the moment!  I always find that the right nail varnish can give your outfit such sophistication and this shade does just that!

I am so impressed by this colour and I cannot wait to start styling it with my favourite jewellery.  I've become slightly obsessed with my nails and I'm already planning my next colour!

What nail varnish are you wearing at the moment?

M x

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