Saturday, 17 October 2015

Brow brilliance!

Eyebrows.... The most important feature of our complexions!  The things that shape our faces.  Without eyebrows we wouldn't have any expressions and would just simply have one look... How boring!  So it is vital that we look after our eyebrows and maintain the correct shape and colour that helps to flatter our faces!  (Although I must say that I am quite lazy regarding this... So that's all about to change!)

I usually never tend to bother colouring/filling in my eyebrows, as I never have the time and to be honest I have naturally black eyebrows anyway... So I didn't see the point.   Oh how I was wrong!

I watch a lot of my favourite bloggers daily on YouTube and so many of them are constantly showcasing make up looks that involve colouring in eyebrows.  So I instantly wanted to try it out for the first time and see if it was something I wanted to pursue in the future or not.

After scouring my local boots store, I came across a brow kit from one of my favourite drugstore brands, 'Collection'.  I thought that it was perfect for me to have, as a beginner and I knew that it would be fairly easy to apply.

It consists of three brow shadows (a light brown shade, a dark brown shade and a black shade) for filling in your brows and a small tube of brow gel for holding the eyebrows in place... This is handy, because my eyebrows are always moving around!

The way to apply this product is to use the small brush, or if you're someone like me who doesn't get on well with tiny applicators, then use your MAC eyebrow brush or a brush that is small and great for shaping.  Then simply choose the colour of shadow that you think works best with your complexion... (I'm the dark brown shade) and gently apply to your brow line.  Make sure that you only use a tiny amount of the product because you don't want your eyebrows to look like they have been drawn with pen!  Once you are happy with the filling in, use the brow gel and gently brush your eyebrows so that they are lightly coated and will therefore not move and remain securely in place.

I must say that I am thoroughly impressed by this eyebrow kit, because not only did it make my eyebrows pop and come to life, but I can also definitely see myself using this a lot in the next few months!

What brow products/kits would you recommend I should use next?

M x


  1. MAC have an amazing brow pencil! It's my fav xx

  2. Ah thank you so much... I will definitely check that out when I'm next in a MAC store!!! Xxx


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