Friday, 16 October 2015

Manicure Post: Burnt Romance!

These past weeks have been so hectic lately that I haven't had a single moment to rest and get my nails done.  It's been terrible!!  I suffer from extremely brittle nails that break very easily and are a real nuisance if they are not properly cared for.  So the other day, I booked an appointment and finally had a chance to pop into my local Salon 'Beauty Box' and get them professionally manicured... Hooray!!

What with the weather looking more Autumnal and with fashion bringing out colours like khaki, tan, aubergine, teal and cranberry... I wanted to go for a colour that was versatile with all of those shades but also one that was quite romantic.  I have an important anniversary coming up and I want my nails to go with the theme... Don't worry a post will be up very soon regarding that!

I finally came to the conclusion of choosing the CND Shellac shade 'Burnt Romance', which I feel is the most perfect shade of Red.  It is a deep and dark shade that almost borders towards the colour Rust which is bang on trend for AW15.  I absolutely adore this colour, as not only does it work with my winter wardrobe, but it also is extremely flattering for my skin tone and a colour that I will definitely repeat again!

This colour has been so popular at the moment... Here are some pictures that I have been lusting on Pinterest!

I can't tell you how great it feels to have my strong nails back after a very turbulent few weeks.  I cannot wait to style my nails with upcoming outfits and see what my friends and colleagues think of the colour.  Next time I will go for something a little more earthy... Like green perhaps??

What colour are your nails at the moment?

M x

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