Wednesday, 11 February 2015

The bold, the daring... The one and only poncho!

Define poncho:  "A type of garment originally worn in South America.  Made of a thick piece of woollen cloth with a hole cut out of it for the head!" 

How do I define it?  Well that's easy... It's plain and simply an alternative to a coat and here's why.

The poncho is a very versatile item for anyone's wardrobe.  Not only can you wear it to cover up and stay warm, but it can also be the finishing touch to a winter outfit!

I chose to wear the poncho with a pair of black jeggings and high heeled chelsea boots for an off-duty, laid back look.

Poncho:  River Island

Jeggins:  H&M
Boots:     New Look

Here are my four ways of how to wear a poncho with a pair of jeans:

1.  Traditional 


For this look you will need to use a high waisted belt.  Simply wrap the poncho around you, making sure that it covers your neck and belt it on the waist.  When you belt the poncho, you must gather the excess material at the back so that the entire item is tightly wrapped around you!  By doing this, it emphasises your waist whilst acting like a light weight coat.

2.  Laid back


To achieve this look, all you need to do is to not belt the poncho at the back and therefore leaving it open.  This enables you to hide a multitude of sins as it does not cling to your body.  It makes the poncho more loose and relaxed whilst keeping the front fitted.

3.  Fashion forward 

Here I have simply draped the poncho around me and I have taken one side of the poncho and crossed it over to the other side, where I have pinned it into place using a brooch.  This style is very fashionable right now and it takes seconds to do so I thoroughly recommend you all to try it. 

4.  Elegant chic 

By styling the poncho slung over both shoulders with a high neck, it shows off the bottom of your outfit, whilst remaining long at the back.  This is probably the most elegant way of wearing a poncho and I advise you to wear this with fitted dresses, especially for the evening as this look is very smart. 

With this being the coldest time in Britain for years to date... I suggest you make the most of the poncho.  After all.... Coats are so overrated!

M x


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