Friday, 3 April 2015

The Scarf - every woman's necessity!

Most mornings, on my way to work on the daily commute, I notice just how cold and brisk it is and so I thought that it would be ideal if I wrote a post about the one piece of outerwear that is so vital at these times.  A piece that we just cannot live without... and that my friends is the scarf!

Here are the three scarves that I used to create my top five looks!

Pom Pom Scarf: Jigsaw £59

Contrast Paisley silk scarf: Jigsaw £39

Inverted print scarf: Jigsaw £59 

Here are my top five favourite ways of how to wear them!

1.  The Knot!  This is by far the quickest style to achieve - I think that it works best with a long silk scarf.  Drape the scarf around your neck and simply crossover the two ends to meet in the middle, creating a knot.  It is really simple and looks stunning over a simple jumper or silk blouse.

2.  The neck tie!  This style works best with a silk scarf, but if you have a thin squared scarf then that would work just the same.  All you have to do with this style is to simply tie the scarf around your neck... I always think that tying it on the side of your neck looks more flattering and stylish! 

3.  The contemporary!   This is probably the most popular way to wear a scarf as not only is it easy to create, but it also looks comfortable and adds another texture to a simple jumper or dress.  To achieve this look take your scarf and wrap it around your neck, making sure that you take both pieces and bring them round to the front.  Then just pull out the neck a little so it becomes less tight and so that you can easily move!

4.  The cravat!  This style can be created with any style of scarf.  Simply drape the scarf around your neck and pull one of the sides so that it becomes longer than the other side.  Then take the longer side and wrap it over the shorter side, making a loop and then pull through, as if you were putting on a tie!   Once pulled through, simply thread the long piece through the loop and voila... A cravat is made!

5.  The bow!  To best achieve this look use a scarf that has a lot of texture to it - I ended up using one with small Pom poms attached to the edges of the scarf.  Simply drape the scarf around your neck so that you have two pieces hanging down either side of you.  Then towards you, put both pieces into the loop but don't pull all the way, as you want the effect to look like a bow! 

So there you have it... Five very simple, yet extremely elegant ways to wear your everyday scarf.  I hope this has become useful to you and that you now have a broader range of styling ideas!

Bring out the scarves from your wardrobes and get creating!

M x

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