Thursday, 19 March 2015

The number one makeup item around at the moment!

This week I have focused my attention largely on discovering the best eye shadow around at the moment.  For a while now I have been struggling to find eye shadows that not only compliment my skin tone and bring out my eyes, but are also long lasting! 

Although I found that MAC eye shadows were extremely good for everyday makeup looks ranging from daywear to nightwear... I have always thought that they took a lot of effort to perfect, what with blending etc.  Instead I wanted to find something that would take seconds to do with minimal effort required, but would look incredible once applied.

This week I ventured out to Space NK and was instantly hooked at the By Terry counter, which conveniently at the front of the store!  I had heard of the By Terry brand before, but had never looked at the makeup products up close.  So this was a real treat indeed!  I straight away focused on their shadows as that was my main priority and the moment I gazed, I knew I had finally found the product that would complete my makeup collection.  And that item is none other than the By Terry Ombré black star shadow stick! 

This product is amazing... No wait that's an understatement - this product is incredible!  Not only does it look aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but it also goes on like a dream!  You see, the By Terry range are made up of a formula which is comprised mainly of Tahitian black pearls, which make the shadow smudge and smear free... What's not to like? 

This eye shadow is of a cream consistency, meaning that it not only gives great coverage but is also very soft to the skin, therefore smoothing out all the creases of the lid area.  I've always used powdered shadows which have seemed to dissolve into the creases of my eyes - meaning loss of colour after a couple of hours.  The amount of times I would reapply shadow in a day was insane and so I knew that it was time for a change! 

The shadow stick is in the shape of a pen which is perfect for popping into your makeup bag.  Plus, it means that it will not break if your bag falls onto the floor , as the shadow is encased with a hard felt tip shell, giving it full protection.  I cannot tell you how much of a bonus that is!  Also, the item is so easy to use, that you only need one single stroke to fully apply it to your lids.

However, if you do want to build the colour up and blend this shadow in, it is also perfect for that too, even for making a smokey eye!  Lastly, the creamy shadow is extremely long lasting, which means that you only really need to apply it to your eyes once and it will stay on for up to ten hours... It just ticks all the right boxes! 

I was utterly spoilt for choice when I saw them, as they come in eleven different shades:- 

1.  Black Pearl
2.  Blond Opal
3.  Misty Rock
4.  Frozen Quartz
5.  Black Matte
6.  Brown Perfection 
7.  Blue Obsession 
8.  Ombré Mercure
9.  Velvet Orchid 
10.  Midnight Forest 
11.  Beyond Gold

After a while of trying on the numerous shades, I opted for the gorgeous colour called 'Misty a Rock'.

'Misty Rock', is a fabulous colour for everyday makeup, as it has a pink/mauve tone to it and the shimmer that it creates is so feminine!  Although the sticks are quite expensive, you must think of them as an investment piece, rather than an every day buy, as they not only look beautiful once applied, but they also last a very long time - you definitely get your money's worth! 

So there you have it - this is my weeks favourite purchase and is the best eyeshadow around!  Go to your nearest Space NK branch and try them out for yourself.

Go on... I dare you!

M x

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